Full Track Listing
1 Ruby in Zoisite 6:01
2 Carnelian 5:48
3 Calcite 5:53
4 Aventurine 5:16
5 Blue Lace Agate 6:36
6 Lapis Lazuli 6:46
7 Amethyst 9:01
8 Rose Quartz 5:08
9 Clear Quartz 7:19

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CRYSTALS represents a collaboration between respected crystal healer Ann Clinton and new age music composer and performer Llewellyn. Combining spellbindingly beautiful keyboard and synthesizer melodies with the pure and resonant tones drawn from nine different crystals, this album can be used for anything from relaxation to crystal healing. A full-color booklet describes the various crystals, their properties and the best way to utilize their transformational qualities.
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