Full Track Listing
1 A New Beginning 10:05
2 Lynne's Song 5:18
3 The Healing Wheel 6:23
4 Circle of Chalk 7:42
5 On a Midsummer Breeze 6:13
6 With Wings to Fly 8:44
7 Returning Home 7:14
8 A New Beginning (reprise) 7:14

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Developed over eighty years ago by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Method is used increasingly in medicine, top-level sport and performing arts.

It is a unique body conditioning regime which changes both the way you look and the way you move. Working on deep postural muscles of the body, Pilates rebalances muscle groups, brings your body correct postural alignment and restores natural, normal movement.

Working closely with Lynne Robinson, Llewellyn has created an album that is both ideal for Pilates and listening pleasure.Also featuring beautiful vocals by Juliana.

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