Full Track Listing
1. Ruby in Zoisite (Crystals)
2. Crown of Love (Reiki)
3. Opening Petals (Aromatherapy)
4. Twilight (Healing Massage)
5. Carnelian (Crystals)
6. By the Shore (Pure Peace)
7. A New Beginning (Pilates)
8. Elements (Tai Chi Volume 2)
9. Silver (Colour Healing)
10. Hidden Pathways (Reiki)
11. Amethyst (Crystals)
12. Base Chakra (Journey to the Temple)
13. Sapphire Blue (Indian Head Massage)
14. Heart Chakra (Journey to the Temple)
15. Blue Lace Agate (Crystals)
16. The Secret Waterfall (Pure Relaxation)

17. The Sacred Oils (Aromatherapy)
18. Green (Colour Healing)
19. The Mother (Moonlore)
20. The Healing Wheel (Pilates)

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Reiki Healing Journey is cleverly mixed with three minute music sections to allow beginners to concentrate on the Reiki and ignore the clock. Featuring tracks from the albums Crystals, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Healing Massage, Pure Peace, Pilates, Tai Chi Vol. II, Colour Healing, Journey to the Temple, Indian Head Massage, Pure Relaxation and Moonlore.
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