Full Track Listing
1 Summoning of the Spirit 6:02
2 Healing Hands 5:49
3 Fire Moon Woods 5:44
4 Forbidden Love 6:18
5 The Awakening Forest 4:57
6 In the Midday Heat 4:43
7 Excalibur Returned 7:25
8 The Prophecy 6:12
9 The Dreamweavers 5:30
10 Back on the Trail 5:01
11 chimes

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Shiatsu is a form of massage that can be traced back thousands of years. It is a complete system of healing through touch.

Working closely with the composer Llewellyn, Shiatsu Healer Ian Welch has compiled an album that is not only suitable for relaxation but ideally compliments and enhances Shiatsu massage.

Instrumentation: Keyboards, Vocals, Chants, Chimes, Synthesiser, Samples, Drums. Additional vocals by Juliana

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