Full Track Listing
1. The Healing Pool
2. Shiatsu Gold LISTEN
3. Holy Grail
4. Guinevere
5. Moon
6. To Dream of Pegasus
7. Sun
8. Place of Enchantment
9. The Healing Mist
10. In the Mists of Sleep
11. The Healing Pool (reprise)

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"This music is superb. The pace of the album is ideal for Shiatsu and creates the perfect atmosphere for a Shiatsu treatment."
Wendy Ibbison MRSS, OSM

Working closely with experienced shiatsu therapist, Wendy Ibbison (MRSS, OSM), Shiatsu Gold is specially selected music for a Shiatsu treatment.

Composed and performed by international recording artist Llewellyn, the tracks have been specially sequenced to create over an hour of relaxing music for shiatsu. Featuring vocals by Juliana.

The music is also ideal for other therapies including Massage, Aromatherapy and Yoga.

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