Full Track Listing
1 The Sacred People 5:06
2 The Otherworld 6:08
3 Finn and The Fianna 5:38
4 Kingdom of the Faery 6:52
5 The Rowan Tree 6:25
6 Gawain and The Loathly Lady 7:38
7 Rhiannon 6:49
8 Avalon - Place of Apples 7:25

Total Running Time 52:19

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hear sample - Track 1

hear sample - Track 5

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Continuing the narrative musical style of his previous release 'Ghosts'. Llewellyn returns with music inspired by Celtic folklore. Gods, lovers, heroes, battles, and honour are all portrayed in spellbinding musical interpretations of classic Celtic Legends. Featuring Medwyn Goodall (acoustic guitar on Avalon), the album fuses keyboards, guitar, violin, atmospheric effects and alluring vocals in a heartfelt, spiritual tribute to the sacred Celtic peoples.
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