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1. Poltergeist 
2. Stars & Moon
3. Where do we go from here?
4. Medium
5. Believe in Angels
6. You are my World
7. Opinions
8. Love Like Ours
9. Midsummer Night Blues
10. Beautiful Day
11. Don't Give up on You

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Peter J Brown aka toxic pete

Llewellyn is Jamie Llewellyn. Llewellyn normally composes and records instrumental works; many have been used for commercials and on film scores. 'An Audience Of Angels' is Llewellyn's first solo vocal album containing eleven self penned songs performed by 'the family that plays together'.

'An Audience Of Angels' is a pretty chilled out affair - featuring the massively impressive, multi-instrumentalist Jamie Llewellyn (vocals, grand piano, acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and programming), life partner Juliana (vocals), daughter Alana (guitar) and Colin McLeod (drums and percussion). 'An Audience Of Angels' is a bit like a modern-day opera in two acts; full of classical feeling and orchestral nuances pulled together with contemporary 'pop' writing, mature lyrics and an overall feeling of balladic charm and melodious beauty. Imagine Elton John meets George Gershwin under the joint production supervision of George Martin and Trevor Horn - or something resembling that!

Llewellyn proves that he's not just a musical composer that inks dots on manuscript paper - he proves in no uncertain terms that he's also a very accomplished lyricist. Oh, and then there's the added bonus of Llewellyn the musician; extremely talented Llewellyn plays with tangible emotion and superb feel. His voice is beautifully suited to the mellow, chilled vibe that persists throughout this impressive work.

Although 'An Audience Of Angels' doesn't really tear down any musical boundaries, it's a superb piece of composition that sits probably 'middle-of-the-road' and doesn't take too many chances. That's absolutely fine - it is what it is!! Wherever it sits, it sits well - it's a stunningly crafted piece of 'soft-pop' with big ambitions. 'An Audience Of Angels' is great as background music but works equally well, if not better, when it rattles the 'cones'. The recording and production is extremely crisp and delicately handled; everything can be heard clearly and easily - it's quality through and through!

I'm not actually sure where 'An Audience Of Angels' by Llewellyn is being targeted; it's definitely one for the more mature muso with a true sense of musical purpose and a lover of all things musical. It sort of reminds me of 'easy listening' for the house and home (and I don't mean that badly!) - it's just got a very BBC Radio 2 feel to it - it's inoffensive yet seductively sensuous. Whatever, 'An Audience Of Angels' by Llewellyn is an album that really needs to be heard in its entirety - time should be taken out to listen and enjoy, let yourself drift off into its vibes and just enjoy the moment. Of its kind, 'An Audience Of Angels' by Llewellyn is a superb piece of mood-music that deserves to do well for Jamie Llewellyn aka Llewellyn.

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete

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