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Welcome to my Sanctuary which as the name suggests
is a place of calmness, peace and safety

At home we have a "Healing Room" which is a place we can go for rest, meditation and revitalising our energies.

As well as many beautiful crystals, we have a Faerie Grotto and paintings of our Guardian Angels that were specially channelled by the wonderful spiritual artist Lisa Hawkin.

My Guardian Angel is called Ariana and we have written a song dedicated to her that features on our album WOMAN WISDOM.

My favourite crystals are Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. My favourite Lapis Lazuli crystal is a heart shaped, deep dark midnight blue and powerful healing crystal.

Lapis is one of the most powerful pain reducing crystals I have ever worked with. We have written a song called MY LAPIS HEART which is dedicated to this wonderful crystal and also features on our album WOMAN WISDOM.

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I love and care for animals of all kinds. We have a dog and two female rabbits which I love spending time with. I have a passion for Elephants and love to collect paintings, ornaments,and just about anything to do with Elephants !

Visit my ELEPHANT LOVE page to find out how you can do more to help these truly magnificent animals that are in very real danger

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