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Welcome to my hideaway. This part of our website will give you an insight into my more "spooky" interests and passions. It also may give you a deeper understanding of my solitary lifestyle and beliefs.

I have been described as an "Eclectic Pagan", "A Bard", "A Hedge Witch", "Rainbow Warrior", "Lightworker" and "Healer". I'm really just an individual who is wandering down a long corridor and peeping in through 'doorways' looking for the Truth and answers to a vast number of spiritual subjects.

While passing these doorways, I have been very privileged to have met and worked with a great many number of special people whose great knowledge and experience has been shared with me.

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With several we have even created music albums with. But I feel that I am still just a novice and therefore ask you to remember that fact....and NOT to ever falsely look to me as a some kind of wiseman with all the answers. Are these things real?....Do they work?.....The answer is for YOU yourself to discover and no-one else.

There is so much to learn and that is why I am still a novice. Please read this part of the site with an open minded, fun approach. It's not a question of whether it's RIGHT or WRONG. It's just simply there......and that's why we should all have a peep or a good look because I believe that "If it wasn't meant to be there....then it wouldn't be there!"

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